Your Community Giving Story Awaits

The actions of local people can transform lives in our community. This community giving spirit is evident in each moving story of impact we hear and experience. Like the stories throughout our 2020 Annual Report and on the pages of our website, each story of generosity and legacy-building combine to create the story of our Community Giving Foundation.

You have your own community giving story. The Foundation recently created a unique Giving Workbook to walk you through the process of discovering what you want your giving story to be—investigating your passions, values, and options for your philanthropy in partnership with us. Whether you are just learning about community foundations or are ready to take the next step in establishing a legacy through our Foundation, the activities and information in this book are for you!

Click here for a digital version of the Giving Workbook. For more information or to request a hard copy of the book, please contact the Foundation office. You can be an integral part of the giving story in our community, making a positive difference long into the future. It’s time to write your community giving story!

Foundation Dashboard

The Foundation is thrilled to share a new resource with you! The Dashboard provides a quick look into our financials, development, grants and programs, and other exciting news from our Foundation office.

  • September 2021 Dashboard: click here to view
    (data covering January through August 2021)
  • July 2021 Dashboard: click here to view
    (data covering January through June 2021)
  • May 2021 Dashboard: click here to view
    (data covering January through April 2021)
  • March 2021 Dashboard: click here to view
    (data covering January and February 2021)
  • Upcoming Dashboards: November

Please Note: The financial information on the dashboard may change if any revenue or expense activity is received after the date the information was prepared, but is related to that specific reporting period. Accrual accounting requires that this activity be retroactively recorded back to the subsequent period when the revenue or expense was received or incurred.