Why Work With Us

You are your client’s trusted advisor. They rely on you for advice. They want you to offer options and suggest solutions, including times when charitable giving may be right. You have your client’s best interests at heart. So do we.

Whether you are an attorney, CPA, financial planner, insurance agent, or other professional advisor, the Community Giving Foundation can be a resource for you as you help your clients fulfill their charitable goals.

The Multiple Benefits of Charitable Giving

Connecting clients with community. The challenge is to help clients realize their goal of contributing to the good of the community. There’s no way to learn about all the charities clients might be interested in. The Foundation has those connections in the community, and it doesn’t separate donors from their money. It’s a resource that enables people to be charitable in a very personal and meaningful way.

Options in charitable giving. While many donors choose to endow a fund through a bequest, others choose lifetime planned giving vehicles to achieve their philanthropic goals. Whichever means they choose, the Foundation provides a direct link between personal giving and local grantmaking. Plus, gifts to the Foundation can be permanent—growing and supporting the community in perpetuity.

Reasons for giving. There are many different financial motives for charitable giving. Clients may have a highly appreciated stock portfolio or a few large, non-liquid assets. They may want to avoid certain tax implications or seek to find a way to increase their spendable income.

Rewards of giving. The Foundation allows people to create a personal philanthropic fund suite to their needs and interests. As donors will attest, establishing a fund to support their community is a deeply rewarding experience because it tells the story of their passions for years to come.

Why Work with the Foundation

Our approach is based on establishing a personal relationship with our donors and partnership with our professional advisors. We focus on developing flexible, personalized plans that maximize the impact of charitable giving. At no cost to you or your clients, we can:

  • Consult with you and your clients on ways the Foundation can help them meet their charitable goals through current and estate giving, fund establishment, and legacy planning.
  • Provide printed materials about giving through the Foundation, including information on a variety of fund types and grantmaking.
  • Assist in the transfer of appreciated securities, life insurance, and other complicated assets.
  • Offer you strategies and examples for discussing charitable giving with your clients.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunities we can offer. Contact the Foundation office to schedule a meeting.