Foundation Policies

Administrative Fees Schedule

Community Giving Foundation is about innovative philanthropy. Fees assessed for funds held at the Foundation support the processing of grant checks, accepting and acknowledging donations, completing annual audits and reporting, and also help keep you involved in our stories of giving. View the fee schedule here.

Confidentiality Policy

Community Giving Foundation maintains and manages much information that must be kept confidential, including information about donors, grantees, and wealth advisors. The Foundation's Board adopted this policy to assist directors, employees, and volunteers in fulfilling their confidentiality obligations and commitments. For more information, view the Policy here.

Fundraising Policy

Core to the Community Giving Foundation mission is promoting charitable giving. While the Foundation provides charitable tools and fund administration to promote giving, it does not have the capacity to operate fundraising events for its component funds. The IRS has developed strict requirements that impact any fundraising. This policy, which applies to all current and future funds, is an important resource and guide to protect the Foundation, fundholders, and donors. For more information, view the Policy here.

Gift Acceptance and Acknowledgment Policy

By providing guidelines for accepting various types of gifts for different types of funds, Community Giving Foundation uses this policy to serve the best interests of all stakeholders. The policy was established to assure that each gift to the Foundation is structured to provide maximum benefits to the community, the donor, the Foundation, and the beneficiaries of the Foundation's charitable programs and activities. For more information, view the Policy here.

Investment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear understanding of the investment goals, objectives, and management guidelines applicable to the Community Giving Foundation's investment portfolio. It is intended to reflect the Foundation's investment philosophy and guidelines governing the investment of the portfolio under normal market conditions. For more information, view the Policy here.

Spending Policy

Community Giving Foundation sets its annual spending policy for permanent funds by applying a percentage, determined annually by the Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the Audit and Finance Committee, to a fund's average net balance. For more information, view the Policy here.