What Does Your Legacy Look Like?

Would you name a fund in memory or honor of your family or someone close to you? What organization, cause or passion would you support? What is your story?

Philanthropy requires a generosity of spirit and the desire to improve the quality of life for others, both now and in the future. Through the Community Giving Foundation, it's simple for you to establish meaningful impact through a planned gift to a current fund or your own named fund. Joining our Legacy Society only requires a thoughtful intention to make a lasting commitment to your community for the future. What better way to honor the passions and spirit of a family member or friend?

Choosing to make a planned gift reflects your ongoing commitment to your community and the causes you value most. It enables you to act on your convictions and create a lasting legacy that makes a difference for others in perpetuity.

The Community Giving Foundation's Legacy Society is made up of individuals who have included the Foundation and its affiliate communities in their estate planning. Legacy planning:

To become a member of the Legacy Society, all you need to do is to share this important decision with us by completing a simple form.

Legacy Society Members

Community Giving Foundation

  • C. Kenneth Battram*
  • Freddie Bittenbender
  • Robert W. Buehner, Jr.*
  • John and Janice DeFinnis
  • Eric DeWald
  • Charles M. and Nancy C. Eves*
  • Debra Force
  • Fritz Heinemann
  • Paul L. and Sharon L. Hess
  • Dale A. and Ferne S. Krothe
  • Greg and Debb Lutz
  • Edna McBride*
  • Susan McDowell
  • Joy E. McGinnis
  • M. Holly Morrison
  • Marilyn L. Muehlhof
  • Donna E. Boardman Ross
  • Donna S. Schuck
  • Albert J. and Stephanie J. Steward
  • Fred A. Takacs
  • Pat Torsella

Community Giving Foundation: Sunbury

  • Cory and Diane Fasold
  • Jesse* and Maxine Woodring


Community Giving Foundation: Danville

  • Ken and Pat* Ackerman
  • Stephen A. Bevans
  • Terry and Linda Brown
  • Kenneth and Cindy Holdren
  • Bonnie Johnson
  • Timothy S. and Kristen Y. Karr
  • Victor and Linda Marks
  • Randy and Karen May
  • Aidan K. McDonald
  • Robert and Kathleen McWilliams
  • Joan and Fred Miller
  • Virginia A. Schenck
  • Robert W. Snyder and Mary F. Snyder

Community Giving Foundation: Selinsgrove

  • Steven and Judith* Bottiger
  • Arthur Bowen
  • John B. Fischer
  • Michael F. and Kathleen A. Flock
  • Tom and Anne Gates
  • Kathryn Irwin Lentz
  • Heather and Donald Rowe
  • Marvin and Raven Rudnitsky
  • Robert O. and Violet M. Soper

We thank each and every member of the Legacy Society for making a gift of a lifetime to support their community's needs. Members of the Legacy Society have the special satisfaction that comes with knowing that they are helping to make the world a better place, by providing much needed resources for our community’s future. Their decision is one that will continue to make a difference in perpetuity, helping future generations to take care of those less fortunate and to ensure continued opportunities in areas such as education, the arts, health and human services, religion, and youth and children.

Through the Community Giving Foundation's Legacy Society , your thoughtful and generous decision will be duly recognized and by so doing, it will encourage others to give as well. Of course, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, we will certainly honor that request.

For More Information

Alyssa Meyers-Sanonu, Director of Philanthropy
570.752.3930 ext. 3 or [email protected]

Kara G. Seesholtz, President and CEO
570.752.3930 ext. 4 or [email protected]

Planned giving can be an important component of your estate plan. The information on this site is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. Please consult an attorney, tax advisor, or investment professional.