Enriching the quality of life in Danville communities.

Community Giving Foundation: Danville is dedicated to the enrichment of the quality of life in the greater Danville area through superior stewardship of enduring charitable gifts. Founded in 1999 to benefit community residents, it serves as a philanthropic resource for local individuals, families, and businesses. In 2013—while maintaining its unique identity—Danville affiliated with the Community Giving Foundation to support grantmaking, development, and community awareness.

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2023 Highlight

A Story of Local Giving

Linda and Terry Brown's love for the community has led them to commit their time, talent, and treasures to many local organizations. Volunteering has been an important part of their lives, and through their service on area nonprofit boards they have seen the challenges these organizations face to keep the doors open and lights on. They established a testamentary fund to provide grants to benefit nonprofits in the Danville area after the Browns are gone, creating a legacy of community giving in their name forever.

"Running a nonprofit is a little like being a homeowner—just when you think you've got everything taken care of, something else happens. We wanted to be able to give our favorite nonprofits a little extra money with no strings attached to simply use for what they need." (Linda and Terry Brown, Fundholders)


Your support of Community Giving Foundation: Danville makes an impact on the lives of people in your community. This story is just one example of the power of giving happening now because of the generosity of our donors.


Grant Impact

With over 100 funds supporting a wide variety of interests and causes, Community Giving Foundation: Danville continues to invest in the betterment of its community and residents by awarding grants and scholarships annually. In 2023, the group awarded $333,072 in grants through a combination of competitive grantmaking and awards from their designated, donor advised, and agency funds. Over $125,000 is provided annually in scholarships to support students continuing their education.

2023 Grant Recipients & Event Summary

Danville's History

In 1999, the Danville Area Community Foundation was founded to benefit community residents through the stewardship of charitable gifts. Serving as a philanthropic resouce for local individuals, families, and businesses, the group set out to support a wide variety of interests and causes for the betterment of the Danville area. In 2013, the Foundation affiliated with the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation (now Community Giving Foundation) to support its grantmaking, development, and community awareness.

Many people support the Foundation as a way of saying "thank you" to the community where they live, work, or play. Others see it as a way to ensure the future of their community. In 2007, Danville's board extended their personal commitments to the residents and organizations in their community by establishing the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund through their own individual donations. Many years later, this unrestricted fund continues to serve as an avenue for everyone to participate in community giving together. More than $150,000 has been granted from the fund to support current pressing and unmet needs in Danville.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Event invites the community to participate in community giving together through an annual event that supports the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Unrestricted Fund. Learn more about the event and how you can get involved at csgiving.org/neighbors.


Creating a Legacy

There is a place for you here! Through the collective work of neighbors, families, businesses, and nonprofits, the Community Giving Foundation: Danville will continue to leave a greater impact in your community for years to come.

Donors can help meet local charitable needs by supporting current Danville funds or by creating a fund in their own name to establish a personal charitable legacy. Walk through our Giving Workbook or contact a member of Danville's board or Foundation staff to discuss how you can partner with your local community foundation to make a difference in the greater Danville area.

For More Information

Please contact us to learn more about the Foundation.

Danville News

    Board Members

    Bonnie Trump (Chair)
    Linda Brown (Vice-Chair)
    Donna Cush (Secretary)
    David D. Betz (Financial Liaison)
    Marsha Albertson
    Marc L. Baranouski
    Kimberly Burke
    C. Brian Crane
    Greg S. Cole
    Tim Karr
    Dr. Irene Mbih
    Aidan McDonald
    Shelley Nemeth
    Dr. Mary Petrick
    Cindy Powers
    Bob Stoudt
    Gary W. Visneski

    Board Members are charged with evaluating grant applications, monitoring community strengths and needs, and making site visits as needed to verify progress.

    Legacy Society Members

    Ken and Pat* Ackerman
    Stephen A. Bevans
    Terry and Linda Brown
    Ken and Cindy Holdren
    Bonnie Johnson
    Timothy S. and Kristen Y. Karr
    Victor and Linda Marks
    Randy and Karen May
    Aidan K. McDonald
    Robert and Kathleen McWilliams
    Joan and Fred Miller
    Virginia A. Schenck
    Robert W. and Mary F. Snyder

    Danville's Legacy Society is made up of individuals who have included the Community Giving Foundation in their estate planning.