Types of Funds

Establishing your own endowed fund with Community Giving Foundation is a very easy process. Often, only one meeting is required to start a fund. Personal, named funds can be established for as little as $10,000*. Contributions can be added to the fund at any time. Current or planned gifts can be used to create a named fund for a variety of fund options. What fund works best for your charitable interests?

Walk through our Giving Workbook for more information on discovering your giving story—including your passions and values, the ins and outs of community foundations, examples of each fund type, and how to take the next step in establishing a fund with the Community Giving Foundation.

Unrestricted (General Charitable Purpose) Funds

These funds are typically created by donors with broad charitable interests. They offer current and future trustees of the Foundation maximum flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the community, emergencies, and support innovative responses to community problems, giving the Foundation the discretion on the use of available grant dollars.

Grantmaking: The fundholder allows Foundation staff to identify the most pressing community needs and direct grants.

Donor Advised Funds

These funds are a flexible, personalized way for donors and corporate donors to support nonprofit organizations in the Central Susquehanna region or a more broadly defined area. They allow donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time.

Grantmaking: The fundholder recommends grants annually to support nonprofit organizations of their choice. Foundation staff will receive the fundholder's recommendations, which can change annually.

Field of Interest Funds

These funds support a broad area of charitable interest, such as the environment, the arts, or education. The Foundation awards grants to charitable programs within the field of interest and has the flexibility to respond to changing opportunities within that field. Donors may decide to provide support in the Central Susquehanna region, a particular locality, or elsewhere.

Grantmaking: The fundholder and Foundation staff work together each year to identify organizations that meet the specific issues and/or service area that the fund serves. Often, the nonprofit organizations will complete a grant application for this type of fund, allowing the fundholder to choose which organizations to support.

Scholarship Funds

These funds are designed for donors to create post-secondary scholarships to support students within the community served by the Foundation who attend qualified educational institutions. Guidelines for candidate selection and award can be determined by the donor, including the class and nature of the award (particular field, school, class of student, etc.).

Grantmaking: The fundholder decides the criteria for the scholarship, and students complete applications for funding each year. Recipients are chosen by the fundholder in consultation with a committee (typically made up of Foundation staff, school district faculty, and other community members).

Designated Funds

These funds are normally created to perpetually benefit one or more specific charitable organizations. Grants will be made in the name of the fund so long as the organization remains charitable, in operation, and is consistent with its original purpose.

Grantmaking: The fundholder chooses one or more specific organizations to receive grants annually from the fund. Foundation staff will automatically process the grants annually, per the fund agreement.

Agency Endowment Funds

These funds are restricted funds for the benefit of a designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or government entity. An agency endowment fund may be created by the organization or by a donor in partnership with the organization.

Grantmaking: The fund supports the same nonprofit agency annually, per the fund agreement.

Testamentary Funds

These funds are planned gifts that ensure causes close to your heart benefit in perpetuity after you are gone. Learn more about planned giving and legacy planning here.

Memorial/Tribute Funds

Provide a lasting tribute and permanent legacy in honor of a loved one. Any type of fund listed above can be used as a memorial fund. Family and friends can actively participate in establishing these funds through memorial contributions. Additional contributions to funds can be made at any time. Memorial contributions can also be accepted for any existing fund within the Foundation.

For More Information

Please contact Community Giving Foundation Staff for more information on charitable giving and establishing a fund at the Foundation.

Alyssa Meyers-Sanonu, Director of Philanthropy
570.752.3930 ext. 3 or [email protected]

Kara G. Seesholtz, President and CEO
570.752.3930 ext. 4 or [email protected]

*Named funds can be started for less than the $10,000 minimum amount with a plan to contribute for up to 5 years until the fund reaches the minimum amount. The fund is able to make a payout grant when it reaches the minimum amount. If the fund does not reach the minimum amount in a 5-year period, the fund’s assets may be added to the Foundation’s General Charitable Purpose Fund.