Foundation Awards 2023 Scholarships

July 28, 2023

The Community Giving Foundation is pleased to announce scholarship awards for local students. These opportunities are available thanks to the many individuals, families, and organizations who have established 124 scholarship funds with the Foundation. Applications for a variety of interests, accomplishments, and career choices were accepted from students at their school district. Foundation scholarship funds awarded over $424,000 in scholarships to more than 250 high school seniors and current undergraduate students. In addition to funds listed below, scholarship awards were also provided through the following affiliates:

The following students received scholarship awards from individual funds of the Community Giving Foundation:

  • Alumni and Friends of Mifflinburg Area SD: Dorothy St. John Gutelius Memorial Scholarship Fund: Ella Shuck ($2,000)
  • Buehner DHS Class of 2004 Fund: Theresa Amarante ($1,000)
  • Catholic War Veterans Post 1419 Association Scholarship Fund: Amanda Carr ($500); Ethan Dipippa ($500)
  • E. Louise Lawton Simington RN Nursing Scholarship Fund: Alyssa Shuman ($2,200)
  • Marian Eleanor Weikel Scholarship Fund: Jayden McKeen ($20,000)
  • Northumberland High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund: Alexis Farrow ($700); Hailee Mogush ($2,000)
  • Orlando C. Scopelliti Scholarship Fund: Josephine Weibel ($600)
  • R. Scott Kohler Memorial Scholarship Fund: Edward Zuber ($4,700)
  • Robert Baillie Memorial Scholarship Fund: Alyssa Shuman ($1,000); Ken Zheng ($1,000)
  • Robert W. Beuhner, Jr. and Robin Buehner Kindness Scholarship Fund: Caden Hagerman ($1,500); Alexis Vognetz ($1,500)
  • Six County Fireman’s Association Mark Coons Memorial Scholarship Fund: Caden Reader ($1,200)
  • Steve Anoia Memorial Scholarship Fund: Avery Shurock ($500)
  • William S. and Virginia L. Hartman Family Scholarship Fund: Lindsey Trapani ($5,000)

Community Giving Foundation: Bloomsburg Funds

  • BHS Class of ’86 Scholarship Fund: Allison Haney ($500)
  • Lynch Brothers Scholarship Fund: Alyxandra Flick ($1,050); Michael Stefanowicz ($1,050)
  • Bloomsburg University Greek Alumni Scholarship Fund: awarded at BU Homecoming, Fall 2023

Warrior Run School District Funds

  • Bernice A. Bissell Scholarship Fund (Defender Pride Award): Audrey Shipman ($1,890)
  • Bernice A. Bissell Scholarship Fund (Passions in Pathways Award): Alaina Bower ($1,901); Alex Brown ($1,901); Braeliegh Dunkle ($1,901); Sage Dunkleberger ($1,901); Isabella Figueroa ($1,901); Kara Hoffman ($1,901); Pamela Hornberger ($1,901); Abram Masser ($1,901); Penn Patten ($1,901); Emma Podobinski ($1,901)
  • Dale E. Schooley Achievement Award: Cody Goodspeed ($600)
  • Eiderson S. and Phyllis E. Biddle Scholarship Fund: Cadence Gardiner ($1,100)
  • H. William Koch Memorial Scholarship Fund: Emma Pick ($1,500)
  • Jack Zeigler Memorial Scholarship Fund: Yaidelina Gill ($5,300)
  • John E. Corman Scholarship Fund: Holly Hollenbach ($1,400); Elizabeth Welliver ($1,400)
  • Katharine A. Swope Scholarship Fund: Kiley Bohart ($2,350); Adelle Hunter ($2,350)
  • Linda McNeal Scholarship Fund: Kiley Bohart ($250); Emily Trautman ($250)
  • Warrior Run School District Endowment Scholarship Fund (Leadership & Citizenship Award): Mackenzie Watts ($2,308); Emma Pick ($2,308)
  • Warrior Run School District Endowment Scholarship Fund (Outstanding Scholar Award): Elizabeth Welliver ($5,846); Allison Zaktansky ($5,846)
  • Warrior Run School District Endowment Scholarship Fund (Warrior Run Scholarship Fund Award): Trent Balzer ($5,846); Sidney Bowers ($5,846)