Berwick Welcomes 2023 New Board

January 19, 2023

Community Giving Foundation: Berwick recently welcomed four new members to its Board of Directors.

Kari Dyer
Kari Dyer is a Penn State engineer who has been employed at Talen Energy for over 30 years. She enjoys volunteering and has served in many capacities over the years, including roles on United Way fundraising committees, Berwick Salem Elementary parent organization, Berwick Band organization, Berwick YMCA fundraising committee, Students Overcome and Achieve through Running (SOAR) mentor, Girl Scout leader, Teen Center volunteer, and is the current For the Cause board chair. Dyer has been married for 29 years and has three grown children.

“I am excited to serve with the Foundation as it enhances the Berwick community by providing opportunities to change lives through scholarships and grants. Since the inception of the Foundation, I have seen firsthand the lives that have been changed for the better. I am excited to understand the process ‘behind the scenes’ and take part in enhancing the Berwick Area one life at a time.”

Michael Goresh
Michael Goresh is the president and supervisor of the Mayo Funeral Home. Prior to his move to Berwick in 1994, he was employed at several funeral homes in the Richland and Pittsburgh, PA areas. Aside from serving the Berwick community as a funeral director, many local organizations also hold his interests. He currently participates in Kiwanis as president, serves on the Community Giving Foundation’s regional board, and maintains regular membership with the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association, the National Funeral Directors Association, Central PA FDA, Train Collectors of America, Lionel Collectors of American, the Maria Assunta Society, and the Berwick Golf Club. Goresh lives in Berwick with his wife and two daughters.

“Giving back to the community has always been a priority, both personally and professionally. It has been rewarding to see monies from the Foundation used to fund projects that impact the lives of real people in very positive and specific ways. I have served on this board for several terms over the years, and have seen the successful results of the hard work and time invested in many important programs and projects throughout the community. It is gratifying to see local people benefitting from this great gift we are privileged to oversee.”

Brooke Nickles
Brook Nickles is the owner of Country Fresh Market in Benton. Her family recently bought the market and jumped feet first into the challenge of running a grocery store, with a hardware store coming soon. She loves serving the community through these outlets and is always looking for ways to get involved and help people. As a mom to two teenagers, Nickles spends most of her time involved in soccer, basketball, and other activities with her kids.

“Community giving means being aware of all the blessings around you and all the ways you can use them to help and support others. I am excited for this opportunity as a way to open my eyes and heart to the needs within our communities. There are so many good and generous people in our area, and I am looking forward to partnering with the Foundation as a way to help connect those people with community needs.”

Damien Scoblink
Damien Scoblink is a Berwick lifer. He was born in the Berwick Hospital, graduated from the Berwick Area School District, and quickly returned to Berwick after graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia. Shortly after returning to Berwick, he began working as a behavioral health case manager with CMSU, where he remained for eight years before transitioning to his current position as Berwick Borough Manager in 2019. Scoblink is thrilled to be able to call Berwick home. He lives with his wife, Samantha, and enjoys participating in a variety of community boards and activities.

“For as long as I can remember, organizations that are frequently supported by the Foundation have been significant parts of my life. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize just how fortunate we are to live in a community the size of Berwick, but to still have access to a number of nonprofit and government supported opportunities. So much of that is possible largely because of the ongoing support provided by the Foundation. As I join the Foundation as a board member, I am beyond excited to formally play a role in identifying and supporting the many great causes in our community that truly make the greater Berwick area a special place to call home.”

About Community Giving Foundation: Berwick

In addition to the four new board members, the Berwick Board is represented by: Greg Martz (chair), Jeff Cerminaro (vice chair), Justine Bridge (financial liaison), Matthew Getty, Cynthia Lombard, Marc Nespoli, Michelle Pace, Thomas Popko, Ken Strish, and Amanda Stutzman.

Berwick is an affiliate of the Community Giving Foundation, which manages over charitable funds and makes grant investments throughout the region to improve the quality of life in the Central Susquehanna area.

Photo at left: Damien Scoblink, Kari Dyer, and Brooke Nickles. Photo at right: Michael Goresh.