Danville Awards 2022 Scholarships

August 17, 2022

The Community Giving Foundation: Danville is pleased to announce scholarship awards for local students. These opportunities are available thanks to the many individuals, families and organizations who have established 44 scholarship funds with the Foundation. Applications for a variety of interests, accomplishments, and career choices were accepted from students at the school district. These funds awarded over $124,000 in scholarships to 76 students.

The following students received scholarship awards:

  • Ackerman Family Scholarship Fund: Gabriel Benjamin ($1,500); Jordan Chambers ($1,500); Jack Smiley ($1,500)
  • Amacher Family Fund in Memory of Mary L. Schick Frye: John Price ($2,100)
  • Beverly J. Laubach Scholarship Fund in Memory of Betty L. Dietz: Hannah Morgan ($600)
  • Bloch-Selinger Educational Fund: Matthew Bucaloiu ($2,712.50, multi-year award); Meghan Herrold ($2,712.50, multi-year award); and $2,712.50 to six previous graduates
  • Buehner DHS Class of 2004 Fund: Brooke Millard ($1,000)
  • Carl J. Marrara Memorial Scholarship Fund: Robert Pollock ($1,000)
  • Cole Family Scholarship Fund: Crystal Huang ($3,400); Willowbi Wilson ($3,400)
  • Cotner Family Scholarship Fund: Carl Price ($2,400)
  • Danville Area School District Alumni Association Scholarship Fund: Mickenzie Turpin ($750); Kyra Welliver ($750)
  • Danville Area School District Band Boosters Scholarship Fund: Cameron Cummins ($550); Brian Myers ($550)
  • Danville Education Association Scholarship Fund “DEA”: Brogan Williams ($700)
  • Danville High School Class of 1939 Scholarship Fund: Quentin Jenkins ($1,725); Connor Jones ($1,725); Brady Krainak ($1,725); Adam Matunis ($1,725)
  • Danville High School Class of 1943 Scholarship Fund: Jax Foresman ($500)
  • Danville High School Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund: Abigail Thomas ($600)
  • Danville Rotary Scholarship Fund: Chloe Hoffman ($400)
  • Danville Unrestricted Fund (in Memory of Eleanor Burke): Ava Blansfield ($1,000)
  • David L. Price Scholarship Fund: Dareen Taher ($1,000)
  • Deutsch Family Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kara Thompson ($2,100)
  • Donald J. Seebold Scholarship Fund: Marianna Arnabar ($2,950); Andrew Parker ($2,950)
  • Eister Janssen Scholarship Fund: Eric Seymour ($1,400)
  • Gerald J. Levandoski Memorial Scholarship Fund: Eli Strausser ($1,300)
  • Jack and Gladys Magill Family Scholarship Fund: Marleigh Patrick ($1,600)
  • Jack Curry Athletic Scholarship Fund: Trinity Willoughby ($1,600)
  • Jane Hood Memorial Scholarship Fund: Leah Klopp ($2,950); Laura Saxon ($2,950)
  • Jason Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund: Gabriel Benjamin ($1,000); Joseph Delbo ($1,000)
  • Joan and Fred Miller Family Scholarship Fund: Brian Myers ($2,300)
  • Joanne McCall Spaide Simington and Paul Simington Scholarship Fund: Sara Harter ($2,000)
  • Kyle “Bucky” Kizis Memorial Scholarship Fund: Connor Jones ($900)
  • Lady Liberty Scholarship Fund: Jason Zheng ($2,500, multi-year ward)
  • Mackenzie E. Riley Memorial Scholarship Fund: Cara Bohner ($650); Taylor Sees ($325); Lilia Wiest ($325)
  • Mollie Harter Memorial Fund: Brogan Williams ($600)
  • Rechsteiner Family Scholarship Fund: Gavin Crumb ($1,937.50, multi-year award); Gretchen Pickle ($1,937.50, multi-year award); and $1,937.50 to six previous graduates
  • Robert L. Gatski, M.D. and Betty E. Gatski Healthcare Profession Fund: Kiley Mitchell ($4,300, multi-year award)
  • Ronald J. Kanaskie Leadership Scholarship Fund: Nolan Coombe ($1,000); Connor Kozick ($1,000)
  • Roscoe A. Faust and William C. Heller Family Trust: Eva Gerguson ($3,200); Ryan Piekanski ($3,200)
  • Royer Family Scholarship Fund: Elijah Brown ($1,000)
  • Sandra O’Rourke Scholarship Fund: Meredith Lewis ($2,100)
  • The Simington Family Scholarship Fund: Lane Berkey ($1,500); Kira Snyder ($1,500)
  • Valeria Walton Woods Memorial Scholarship Fund: Jyoti Alaparthi ($950); Evan Klinger ($950); Avneet Mehr ($950); Tenesson Scott ($950)
  • Victor and Linda Marks Health Career Scholarship Fund: Coyla Bartholomew ($1,000)
  • Walter A. “Whitey” and Nan C. McCloskey Memorial Scholarship Fund: Savannah Dowd ($1,000)

View a full list of Foundation scholarship awards from 2022.

Scholarship recipients pose with Danville board members at a July meeting.