Berwick Awards 2024 Scholarships

May 31, 2024

Community Giving Foundation: Berwick is pleased to announce scholarship awards for local students. These opportunities are available thanks to the individuals, families, and organizations who have established the scholarship funds below. Applications for a variety of interests, accomplishments, and career choices were accepted from students at the Berwick, Benton, Central Columbia, and Northwest school districts and Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech school. These funds awarded over $82,000 in scholarships to 84 students.

The Foundation was thrilled to welcome over 250 guests to its inaugural scholarship luncheon on May 30th at The Barn at Frosty Valley. During the event, students connected with the donors, board members, and other Foundation partners who make these awards possible. Remarks were shared by Kara Seesholtz, Foundation President & CEO, and Danville fundholder Lindsey Curry Goldberg. The Foundation is honored to play a small part in building up the next generation of community leaders through these scholarship opportunities for local students.

Community Giving Foundation: Berwick Scholarship Funds

  • Berwick Health and Wellness Fund (Health Profession Scholarship Award): Alex Arnold ($1,500); Anna Baccile ($1,100); Karlie Benjamin ($1,100); Makayla Bracey ($1,100); Cassidy Evans ($1,100); Maura Evans ($1,500); Kaylee Hacker ($1,100); Emma Hayman ($1,100); Riley Heller ($1,100); Cecilia Isenberg ($1,500); Addison Post ($1,100); Sabrina Preston ($1,500); Caden Reader ($3,000); Savannah Wark ($1,100); Jessie White ($1,100)
  • Coach Michael C. Scala Scholarship Award: Kaylee Hacker ($300)
  • Dale A. and Ferne S. Krothe Veterans Scholarship Fund: Casey Carro ($500); Eden Savoy ($500)
  • Don Ruggerio Athletic Scholarship Fund: Kaylee Hacker ($500)
  • Dr. Mark C. Pyles Scholarship Fund: Marissa Burger ($500); Addison Post ($500); Jessie White ($500)
  • Dr. Ronald L. Lehnowsky Fund: Kaylee Hacker ($1,300)
  • Dwayne Tressler Athletic Memorial Scholarship Fund: Eden Savoy ($250)
  • Fred A. Takacs Scholarship Fund: Marissa Burger ($500); Joshua Kishbaugh ($400); Ava Yankowsky ($400)
  • George E. Skomsky Athletic Scholarship Fund: Dylan Francis ($1,100)
  • Holy Family Scholarship Fund: RaeAnna Andreas ($1,000); Gabriel Evenson ($1,000); Dylan Francis ($1,000); Jordan Montes ($1,000); Addison Post ($1,000); Camila Amaya Ramos ($1,000); Rosalina Robustelli ($1,000); Charles Stalega ($1,000); Isabela Varvaglione ($1,000); Jessie White ($1,000)
  • In Honor of the Berwick High School Class of 1959 – Sponsored by Terry Riegel: Joshua Feudale ($1,000); Alysa Lewis ($1,000); Isabella Varvaglione ($1,000); Jessie White ($1,000); Ava Yankowsky ($1,000)
  • Justin “Pete” Slusser Scholarship Fund: Marissa Burger ($1,200)
  • Kevin and Ivette Tanribilir Scholarship Fund: Addison Post ($800)
  • Kyle Douthat Memorial Scholarship Fund: RaeAnna Andreas ($600)
  • Luis A. Ramos Scholarship Fund: William Miller ($900)
  • Patrick J. Mattucci Memorial Scholarship Fund: Isabella Varvaglione ($500)
  • Robert H. Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund: Eden Savoy ($1,300)
  • Robert J. Wise Family Scholarship Fund: Caydence Jones ($950); Alysa Lewis ($950); Natalia Guardiola Mememdez ($950); Emma Taney ($950)
  • Ronald L. Garrison Memorial Scholarship Fund: Ava Yankowsky ($300)
  • Sharon “Cheri” Spohrer Scholarship Fund: Kaylee Hacker ($700)
  • Steven Mark Nastelli Scholarship Fund: Liam Carroll ($200); Alysa Lewis ($200)
  • The Beyond Cajun Thivierge Fund: Gabrielle Finucan ($500); Cadence Zeigler ($500)
  • The Mary Fund: Alyssa Charles ($800); Tawney Culver ($800); Brenda Sirovics ($800); Olivia Temple ($800)
  • Walter and Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Fund: Maura Evans ($1,050); Kaylee HAcker ($1,050); Lauren Rauch ($1,050); Savannah Wark ($1,050)

Berwick Area School District Trust Funds

  • 12th Man Football Scholarship Fund: Liam Carroll ($400); Joshua Kishbaugh ($400); Luke Krepich ($300); Luke Peters ($600); Harrison Snyder ($400)
  • Bart Rado Senior Memorial Award: Liam Carroll ($200)
  • Berwick Area School District Trust Scholarship Fund: Alysa Lewis ($3,100)
  • Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund: Madison Eddinger ($1,000)
  • David L. Force Business Ed. Scholarship Fund: Lauren Birk ($300)
  • Dr. Ralph J. and RJ Norce Strive Scholarship: Madison Cragle ($400)
  • E. Saracino Football Scholarship Fund: Joshua Kishbaugh ($100)
  • Frank Souchak Award: Jade Bartholomew ($650); Emily Beck ($350); Lauren Birk ($100); Helen DiFebo ($750); Emma Klinger ($200); Luke Krepich ($200); Lybbi Switzer ($650); Julia Troiani ($250); Kayla Vencloski ($550)
  • Golf Team Memorial Award: Dylan Francis ($100)
  • Individual Achievement Award: Kendra Fahringer ($100); Mallory Frye ($100); Cameron Gomez ($100); Bryce Johnson ($100); Connor Shuminski ($100)
  • Marie Rudy Music Fund: Cadence Zeigler ($800)
  • Russell H. Zimmerman Scholarship Fund (given by Doris Keller and Robert Clark Hosler): Julia Troiani ($500)
  • Ruth Peck Matzko, RN, BSN & Michael J. Matzko, MD Scholarship Fund: Willow Sieko ($500)
  • Susquehanna Arts and Crafts Scholarship Fund: Alysa Charles ($500)
  • Tuzzi Health / Financial Need Scholarship Fund: Jessie White ($400)
  • Vorbleski Scholarship Fund: Camila Amaya ($200); Marissa Burger ($150); Tawney Culver ($1,000); Josh Feudale ($1,000); Ethan Lear ($200); Alysa Lewis ($150); Eden Savoy ($200); Mattocks Shultz ($400); Emma Taney ($400); Isabella Varvaglione ($200); Liam Welch ($200); Cadence Zeigler ($200)

Berwick is an affiliate of the Community Giving Foundation, which manages over 365 charitable funds and makes grant investments throughout the region to improve and enrich local lives. For 25 years, the Foundation has helped families, individuals, and businesses create a lasting charitable legacy in the Central Susquehanna region. Learn more at