Growing Connections: Annual Meeting 2023

A recording of the 2023 Annual Meeting is available above.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Giving Foundation virtual Annual Meeting on March 14th. What a wonderful time to celebrate the many pieces that make up the Foundation and the heart of giving that ties us all together.

During the meeting, Kara Seesholtz, Foundation President & CEO, highlighted some of the exciting ways the Foundation saw growth and new connections during 2022. Dr. John Kurelja, Foundation Board Chair, shared his “why” as he reflected on paying forward the blessings he has experienced in his own life. There were many great takeaways from Caz Russell, our featured speaker, who spoke about intentionality, relationship building, taking ownership of your life, and leaving a legacy in our community. A recording of the event is available above—we encourage you to listen to Caz’s inspiring message, whether viewing for the first time or re-watching to absorb even more “nuggets” of wisdom.

As Caz shared, “The future of the Foundation is not ahead of us. It is inside of us.” We are grateful for each of you—a piece of the puzzle that connects us all to create a beautiful picture of community giving across our region. Thank you for believing in our mission as we continue to grow and strengthen local philanthropy together.