Couple Creates Giving Legacy in Danville with Testamentary Fund

June 16, 2022

The Community Giving Foundation: Danville is pleased to announce the creation of a new designated testamentary fund established by life-long residents of the Susquehanna Valley. Linda and Terry Brown’s love for the community has led them to commit their time, talent, and treasures to many local organizations.

As a Community Giving Foundation: Danville board member and Women’s Giving Circle steering committee member, Linda was aware of the good work the Foundation does in the region. “We were recently updating our wills and contemplating the legacy that we’ll be leaving. Then it clicked—we can do something small that will have a lasting impact for our favorite nonprofits. We reached out to the Foundation to get a better understanding of how to set up a testamentary fund,” Linda writes.

Linda and Terry have a heart for helping the people around them. Volunteering has been an important part of their lives as a way to give back to their community. Through their service on area nonprofit boards, Linda and Terry have seen the challenges these organizations face to keep the doors open and the lights on.

“Running a nonprofit is a little like being a homeowner—just when you think you’ve got everything taken care of, something else happens. It could be an unexpected expense, a new regulatory requirement, a fundraiser that doesn’t do as well as expected. We wanted to be able to give our favorite nonprofits a little extra money with no strings attached to simply use for what they need,” explains Linda.

The Linda and Terry Brown Designated Fund (testamentary) will provide grants for charitable purposes to benefit several nonprofits in the Danville area after the Browns are gone, creating a legacy of community giving in their name that will support their community forever.

“The Susquehanna Valley is a great place to live, work, and play. We would like to leave this world and community just a bit better. We may not be able to help everyone and everything, but if we are able to help just a few organizations, then all is good,” Terry writes.

You can tell your own community giving story by giving to a fund at the Foundation. It’s a wonderful way to honor a person or business or carry on the memory of someone important to you. Learn more about creating your own legacy of giving.

Danville is an affiliate of the Community Giving Foundation, which manages over 320 charitable funds and makes grant investments throughout the region to improve the quality of life in the Central Susquehanna area.

Terry and Linda Brown