2021 Grantround Announced for Youth in Philanthropy

March 3, 2021

Students from Benton, Berwick, Central Columbia, Columbia-Montour Area Vo-Tech, Danville, Midd-West, Millville, Northwest, Selinsgrove, Shikellamy, and Warrior Run High Schools are serving as youth grantmakers through the Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy program. More than 130 students participate in the program and each school has the responsibility of granting up to $5,000 to youth-related projects.

Grant applications must be completed and submitted through a web-based program. Each school group has their own service area, funding priority areas, and application. More details are provided below. Applicants may apply to more than one school. To access the application process, select “Grant Site Login” here.

Grant requests must be submitted online by 11:59pm on March 25, 2021. For grant-related questions, please contact Christine Orlando, Senior Program Officer, at 570-752-3930 ext. 2 or [email protected].

***Extended Deadline: Applications due online by 11:59pm on March 28, 2021.***

Funding Priority Areas

Benton’s Youth in Philanthropy program has been given $5,000 from the Community Giving Foundation: Berwick. We will be accepting applications from nonprofit organizations and selecting recipients based on who will provide support for our community based on our needs assessment results. The needs assessment that was conducted in Benton Area School District’s grades seven through twelve has indicated programs supporting mental health and post-graduation endeavors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The members of Berwick’s Youth in Philanthropy are looking for ways to help better our community by distributing grants to interested organizations. According to our peers, the top priorities for the youth in our community are mental health resources, stress reduction, and increased motivation for school and extracurricular activities. If your group can contribute to these needs, please consider applying for our grant.

Central Columbia has $5,000 in our grant round to award for the 2020-2021 year. Our schools top three needs are career opportunities, resources, and places to go outside of school, and the betterment of our communities’ youth and less fortunate. Our group is very honored to be able to award this money and see it better our community. We thank all that show interest and apply.

Hello, we are the Youth in Philanthropy group from Columbia-Montour AVTS. We are giving out grants up to $5,000 to local organizations that will help our community. Some of the needs we are concerned with are students struggling with grades and stress due to virtual schooling, career choices, and students struggling with mental health and lack of motivation. If your organization does receive a grant from us, we will need you to complete a report on how you used the grant money to help our community’s needs as listed above.

As Danville’s Youth in Philanthropy group, every year we do our best to reach the needs of our community. We have $5,000 to award to nonprofits. Based on our needs assessments we are looking for nonprofits that target mental health, boredom, abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well nonprofits that address the overall well-being of the community. We would also like to support programs that target the youth of our community.

The Midd-West Youth in Philanthropy group has $5,000 in grant money to appropriate to worthy nonprofit organizations in the community. Students in the Midd-West group have identified needs in our community to focus grant awards. These needs are recreational programs for youth, drug/vaping education, and mental health services. Organizations that can provide services targeting the focus needs are encouraged to apply.

The Millville Youth in Philanthropy group seeks to improve our school and community by granting money to organizations aiming to benefit our youth. Your program is encouraged to apply if committed to addressing youth issues, including but not limited to mental health, stress surrounding career/college planning, drug and alcohol abuse, and underage nicotine addiction. The Millville group has $5,000 to distribute back into the community. All grant requests must support services provided to youth residing in the Millville School District. Thank you for supporting the Millville community. Stronger TOGETHER… Quaker STRONG.

The Northwest Youth in Philanthropy group is pleased to announce that we will be awarding $5,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations for 2021. This project is sponsored by the Community Giving Foundation: Berwick. We have completed an assessment regarding the needs of students from Northwest Area High School. The survey results show that our students are struggling with lack of motivation for online school, have poor sleeping and eating habits, and struggle with mental health.

As a group, we are seeking proposals that will positively respond to the following, equally important needs: (1) Positively motivate children and create more interest in hybrid school. Provide solutions, support, or activities for struggling students due to online or hybrid education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (2) Positively improve nutritional aspects as well as provide solutions for students struggling with poor eating, sleeping, or self-care habits. (3) Support students’ mental health by providing resources or awareness for those struggling with their mental health.

The Selinsgrove Youth in Philanthropy club provides grant opportunities to nonprofit organizations in the Susquehanna Valley. The club focuses on analyzing the needs throughout the community to provide assistance for local students and other community members. After a recent survey, the top needs identified were mental health issues, hygiene supplies, and financial support for household utilities during the pandemic. The club currently has $5,000 to distribute between organizations that will provide for the community’s needs.

At the JROTC Braves Battalion in Shikellamy High School, we are looking for applicants for our Youth in Philanthropy program. Applicants must be members of a nonprofit organization that help out with these three priorities for our community: early childhood education and mental health, drug and health rehabilitation, and food donations. We have been granted $5,000 to give back to the community.

Warrior Run’s Youth in Philanthropy has recognized that our students are struggling with stress, mental-health, and self-image. We have been allotted $3,500 from our Warrior Run Education Foundation to grant to 501(c)(3) organizations that meet our student’s needs.