Berwick Dental Clinic

25 Stories for 25 Years

After the establishment of the new Berwick Health and Wellness Foundation in 1999, local dentists and community members came together with an idea—a new clinic to meet the dental service needs in the community. Through guidance from the Foundation, local needs assessments, and meetings with community leaders, the Dental Health Clinic in Berwick opened its doors in January 2002. As one of its earliest grant recipients, the Clinic has remained closed partners with the Foundation. The Berwick Dental Clinic Agency Endowment Fund was created to provide a permanent way for the community to support the Clinic's services.

"Through good and tough times, the Foundation has been an indispensable connection. They not only provided our Clinic with the financial backing needed to get our start, but have since stayed by our side and guided us through decisions and needs related to location, personnel, equipment, and expanding our services. We know our impact would not have been possible without the Foundation." (Dr. William Padner, Clinic Board President)


Over the last 21 years, the clinic has served thousands of patients with no other "dental home" to call their own. With a mission to improve the dental health of the community and a commitment to provide oral health care for uninsured and low-income families, the impact and scope of the Clinic's services is staggering. Success is measured in the stories of individuals who walk through the Clinic's doors—from a relieved toothache to a smile with new dentures; from guidance on a young child's oral care and nutrition to a consult that led to early detection of oral cancer. Individually, these small moments make up the daily work of the Clinic. Collectively, they create an overwhelming story of the vital role the Clinic has played in creating a healthy and thriving community.