Giving Story Reflections: Annual Meeting 2022

A recording of the 2022 Annual Meeting is available above. (Please excuse video quality as we were experiencing some local connection issues.)


Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Giving Foundation Annual Meeting on March 4th. What a wonderful time of hearing and sharing so many stories of community giving. As presenters shared from many different perspectives and backgrounds, we were all inspired by stories of gratitude, passion, celebration, and positivity. Each story reminded us of how lucky we are to be part of a community that emphasizes collective local philanthropy.

Reflections on Giving Stories

Holly Morrison, Foundation President/CEO opened the virtual meeting with reflections on the past year and the ways our Foundation continues to grow as we focus on personalization, personal relationships, and stewardship. “Our stories continue—that’s what we’re all about. Today we’re going to take you on a little big of a journey to think about your own story. What are the passions behind your philanthropy? What motivates you? When did you witness philanthropy for the first time?”

Foundation board member John Thompson highlighted some of the resources available through our website,, that help us tell our giving story. Whether you are looking for information on philanthropy and community foundations in general, or specifics on our Foundation financials or starting a fund, we have resources for you! Our Dashboard, which provides a snapshot throughout the year, and our new 2021 Annual Report were emphasized.

It’s no secret that stories plan an important role in who we are. Behind all the work we do at the Foundation are the stories each person in our community has to share. Three friends of the Foundation shared personal stories about how community giving has impacted their own lives. Eric Rowe, Selinsgrove board member, spoke about the way our passions motivate us to step up and do something, in turn improving the quality of life in our community as a whole. Donna Cush, Danville board member, told a story about a time she witnessed philanthropy in the Danville School District and how the actions of one person led to a program only possible through many generous community partners. Finally, Danielle Pearson, fund advisor and nonprofit representative, shared how she has experienced both sides of community giving through her work with local nonprofits and the establishment of a scholarship fund in memory of a dear friend. She explained:

“Whether you are on the giving end or the receiving end—or maybe you’re like me and you’ve bene lucky enough to experience both—it really is undeniable just how important community giving is to so many people and organizations. I’ve seen firsthand what a significant difference can be made. We’re extremely lucky to be part of a community that emphasizes the importance of giving back.”

Your Story Awaits

Kara Seesholtz, Foundation Chief Advancement Officer, highlighted our Giving Workbook and stories she has heard and experienced firsthand through this book. As we help individuals, families, and organizations personally discover their passions and the options available through the Foundation, we continue to celebrate the good thinks that are happening here in our region.

Through breakout sessions during the Annual Meeting, we celebrated the numerous and unique stories represented by our stakeholders. In closing, past board member Mike Flock considered the history of our Foundation and the incredible growth we have experienced over our 20+ years in this community. He closed our meeting with this reminder:

“Each of you has a compelling story. Never minimize the ability for you to influence someone else to do good. Commit to sit down with someone and tell your story, and encourage them to become part of this bigger initiative of the Foundation. Because through telling local stories, we can only grow bigger, and that impact allows us to do more within our communities and region.”

Thank you for being part of our community giving story!