Danville Welcomes New Board Members

March 16, 2021

Community Giving Foundation: Danville welcomed three new board members late last year to its Board of Directors.

Mrs. Kimberly Burke
Mrs. Burke first learned of the Community Giving Foundation when her oldest child received a scholarship from a Foundation fund. As many neighbors and friends were connected with the Foundation in various ways to promote the community’s charitable endeavors, she felt humbled by the opportunity to join in this work.

“My family and I are so grateful to live in Danville. I am eager to now serve on this Foundation’s Board of Directors, working to enable the well-being and growth of our community.”

Ms. Donna Cush
Ms. Cush joined the Danville community in 1999. For the past 20 years, her husband and her have enjoyed raising their three children in the community. She felt fortunate that their path led them to such a special town that held the same values they found important in their lives. Along with raising her children, Ms. Cush has dedicated most of her free time to the Good Samaritan Mission. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board, attempting to help the mission as it is in a growing stage.

“Both the Mission and two of my children have received grants/scholarships from the Foundation, and both examples opened my eyes to the work the Foundation does in the community. After only attending a few meetings as a new board member, I’m even more amazed at how impactful the Foundation really is, and how the programs are dedicated to helping so many. With such hardships surrounding us in today’s world, the Foundation can be viewed as such a symbol of hope, and I am grateful to be a part of it.”

Dr. Mary Petrick
Dr. Petrick moved to Danville in 2001 for the sole purpose of completing a one-year surgical fellowship. On the day of her interview, she met several members of the department—who also happened to be connected to the Community Giving Foundation—and was blown away by the warm and welcoming environment combined with the top-notch dermatology department. When an opportunity opened up for her husband in the surgery department, the Petrick family made the Danville community home.

“Danville is a community in the truest sense. My husband and I often remark that there is no other place that we’d rather be, no other place that we’d rather raise a family. I am grateful for the opportunity to perpetuate the legacy of Danville and hope that I can play some small role in ensuring that it remains the amazing little place I discovered 19 years ago.”

About Community Giving Foundation: Danville

In addition to the three new board members, the Danville Board is represented by: Bonnie Trump, chair; Linda Brown, vice-chair; Wendy Tripoli, financial liaison; Dennis Hummer, secretary; Ken Ackerman; Marc Baranouski; David Betz; Greg Cole; Mark LaMotte; Linda Marks; O. Fred Miller, III, M.D.; Christen Mowad, M.D.; Robert Snyder; and Gary Visneski.

Danville is an affiliate of the Community Giving Foundation, which manages nearly 300 charitable funds and makes grant investments throughout the region to improve the quality of life in the Central Susquehanna area.