School Funds

Berwick Area School District

In January 2012, the Foundation worked with the Disctric to establish the Berwick Area School District Fund of 1984 for the benefit of the Berwick Area School District in the areas of music, scholarships, academic, vocational, athletic or general use. This Fund awards 18 different grants for scholarships or program support to the Berwick Area School District from the following funds. To make a contribution to any of these funds, please click on the donate button above.

  • Russel H. Zimmerman Scholarship Fund
  • Vorbleski Fund
  • David L. Force Business Education Fund
  • E. Saracino Football Fund
  • Michael and Ruth Matzko Scholarship Fund
  • Tuzzi Health/Financial Need Fund
  • Class of 1950 Fund
  • Individual Achievement Award Fund
  • Jacoby Business Department Award Fund
  • Susquehanna Arts and Crafts Fund
  • Wrestling Mat Backers Tom Carroll Fund
  • Golf Team Memorial Award Fund
  • R.J. Norce Memorial Strive Scholarship Fund
  • Bart Rado Senior Memorial Award Fund
  • 12th Man Football Scholarship Fund
  • Marie Rudy Music Fund
  • Frank Souchak Award Fund
  • Scholarship Fund

Bloomsburg Area School District

Several local school districts have partnered with the Community Foundation to provide additional resources to their school districts’ projects and initiatives. These partnerships take a variety of forms, and offer local residents a way to support their schools. The purpose of the Bloomsburg Area School District Fund is to benefit scholarships, capital projects, programs of the district.

Milton Panther Education Foundation

This fund, in partnership with the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation, is to provide an alternative funding opportunity which will support education and extracurricular activities provided by the Milton Area School District. Gifts received to this fund, no matter how large or small, will help support the mission of the Milton Panther Education Foundation: to attain funding to strengthen and enhance student capacity for 21st century success which will continually support students in the Milton School District with the best possible technology as well as new and innovative arts, literacy and STEM programs.

To advance this mission, the Milton Panther Education Foundation is in the process of developing alliances with alumni, business organizations, foundations, and private citizens in order to support educational initiatives and programs beyond the basics for schools in the Milton Area School District.

Grants already allocated to the Milton School District have provided innovative and unique experiences by providing funding for a collaborative program with Bucknell's Samek Art Museum to find unique ways to incorporate the arts in the Milton Area School District curriculum. Rocky Miller's eighth grade civics class enhanced their study of the American Revolution by exploring pieces of art at the Samek Art Museum relating to the American Revolutionary War.

Shamokin Area Education Foundation

The Shamokin Area Education Foundation was established in 2018 to raise funds to promote, enhance and supplement educational programs and activities for the benefit of the Shamokin Area School District and community. The Shamokin Area Education Foundation supports excellence for programs, activities and materials for the education of kindergarten through 12th- grade students.

The Shamokin Area Education Foundation is guided by an advisory committee: Ned Sodrick, SAEF President; Todd Kerstetter, SAEF Vice President; Kathy Vetovich, SAEF Secretary; Brian Persing, Shamokin Area School District Vice-President; Melissa Hovenstine, Shamokin Area School District Board Member; Laura Scandle, Shamokin Area School District Board Member; Chris Venna, Shamokin Area School District Superintendent; Karen Colangelo, Shamokin Area School District Business Manager; and, Mary Teresa Komara, Shamokin Area School District Curriculum Coordinator.

Shikellamy Braves Foundation

In 2014, the Shikellamy School District established The Braces Foundation for charitable and education purposes to promote programs that improve curricular and co-curricular educational opportunities and enhance instructional programs for students of the Shikellamy School District. To make a contribution, please click the Donate button above. For more information, please visit

Warrior Run Educational Foundation

"Building a Strong Defender Future" - The Warrior Run Education Foundation (WREF) was established with the mission of providing the best education and extracurricular experience for Warrior Run students. The goals of this fund are to provide valuable education opportunities beyond the basics, promoting an immaginative and creative school environment, and fostering a positive relationship with an engaged alumni community. The Warrior Run Education Foundation supports students, teachers, and the school by investing charitable assets to improve education experiences and the physical environment.

Beyond scholarships, the Foundation annually awards Classroom Innovation Teacher Grants through an application process. Since 2014, K-12 grants have funded: Defender Cafe; K'Nex Ipads; Trout in the Classroom Program; Elementary Classroom Drumming; 3D Printers; Archery in the Classroom Program; Library Search Station; Osmos Learning Devices; Sphero Robots; Spanish Storytelling Training; Library Lounge Seating; Telescope; and Broadcast Journalism Computer.

Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) is a program that teaches high school students the meaning of philanthropy, how non-profits function, and the various ways that individuals can contribute to causes that are meaningful to them. The WREF Advisory Board has committed to finding the resources to support a team of students from Warrior Run to participate in YIP since the 2015-2016 school year. These students then have an opportunity to learn about the needs of their school and local communities and to “grant” real funding to organizations of their choice. This team of high school students also visits elementary students and teaches them about philanthropy in a way that allows children to begin to understand giving and sharing, creating generations of individuals engaged in society's needs and interests.

The Warrior Run Education Foundation continues to develop alliances with alumni, current and retired WR staff, business organizations, foundations, and private citizens in order to support educational initiatives and programs in the Warrior Run School District. WREF operates in partnership with the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation, a tax exempt, 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation. Central Susquehanna works hand-in-hand with WREF and provides valuable support through consultation and gift planning services.

Please visit the Warrior Run Education Foundation for more information.