Sunbury Foundation Awards 2019 Grants

Press Release

October 18, 2019

Sunbury- The Sunbury Area Community Foundation (SACF) recently awarded $162,250 to local nonprofits. In addition to the Foundation's competitive grantround, individual and family charitable funds distributed grants ot the causes they care most about. The awards were presented during a celebratory luncheon held on October 18, 2019, at the Susquehanna Valley Country Club. Grants were awarded through the Sunbury Area Health Fund, Mary E. and J. Guy Lesher Fund, C. Preston and Kathryn S. Geist Endowment Fund, Clyde H. Jacobs Fund, Gladys C. Dagle Fund, Gloria Faylor Karchner Healthcare Fund, Mertz Fund, Mertz Family Memorial Fund, Dagle Family Fund, and Jesse and Maxine Woodring Donor Advised Fund.

The SACF focused its competitive funding decisions on programs that target children’s health, community health and wellness, early childhood, issues regarding the working poor and coronary care. Those grant recipients include:

  • A Community Clinic, Inc. – Ending Weekend Hunger, $18,000
  • A Community Clinic, Inc. – Core Support, $53,000
  • Birthright of Sunbury, Inc. – Family Assistance for Crib Mattresses, $1,200
  • Birthright of Sunbury, Inc. – Family Assistance for Diapers and Infant Formula, $6,000
  • Birthright of Sunbury, Inc. – Organization Support, $1,500
  • Buffalo Valley Regional Training Center – Youth Club Equipment Fund, $1,500
  • Central Susquehanna Community Foundation – Youth in Philanthropy Program Support 2020, $2,150
  • Central Susquehanna Sight Services, Inc. – 2019/2020 Prevention of Blindness Programs for Young Children and Adults, $13,000
  • Degenstein Community Library – Early Childhood Program: Wee Move, $5,000
  • Girls on the Run of the Greater Susquehanna Valley – Organization Support, $500
  • Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA – Children's Programs Financial Assistance, $7,000
  • Hand Up Foundation – Organization Support, $500
  • Kiwanis Club of Sunbury – Playground Repairs, $1,000
  • Regional Engagement Center – After School Support, $1,000
  • Setebaid Services, Inc. – Camp Setebaid and The HDYC 2020 Camperships, $5,900
  • Spreading Antlers Children's Foundation – Swim Program, $16,000
  • Sunbury's Revitalization, Inc. – Albright Center, $1,500
  • Susquehanna River Valley Dental Health Clinic – Project Oral Health Care for the Under-insured and Uninsured, $20,000
  • The ReFuge – Vehicle Purchase for Group Transportation, $7,500

The Sunbury Area Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation which helps administer SACF’s grant and scholarship investments. The Sunbury Area Community Foundation continues to provide for charitable healthcare needs in the Sunbury region. Nonprofit organizations that provide programming focusing on the goal areas of the Sunbury Area Community Foundation are encouraged to apply during the 2020 competitive grantround. Details will be available June 2020 at


Sunbury Area Community Foundation board members and grant recipients pose after the grant awards luncheon on October 18, 2019, at the Susquehanna Valley Country Club.

Front row (L to R): John Shipman, Sunbury’s Revitalization; Melissa Rowse, Degenstein Community Library; Amanda Ferster, Kiwanis Club of Sunbury; Shannon Butters, Girls on the Run; Kelly Feiler, Regional Engagement Center; Christine Dotterer, Setebaid Services; Shelly Stroble, Central Susquehanna Sight Services; Katrina Mourey, Sunbury YMCA. Back row (L to R): Dr. John Pagana, A Community Clinic; Dee Romine, Birthright of Sunbury; Bob Zimmerman, SACF Board Member; Steve Engle, SACF Board Member; Cory Fasold, SACF Board Member; John Apple, SACF Board Member; Adam Purdy, SACF Board Member; Donna Spangler-Boop, SACF Board Member; Kevin LeValley, Buffalo Valley Regional Training Center; Jeff Hollenbach, CSCF and SACF Board Member; Justin Michaels, Spreading Antlers Children’s Foundation; Catalina Payson, Susquehanna River Valley Dental Health Clinic.