Annual Report

The Community Giving Foundation remains committed to personalization and personal relationships as we help people create funds that change lives. Through all of the donations made, grants and scholarships awarded, resources created, and events held in 2021, we saw the meaningful impact of local community giving stories. We celebrate the partnerships created across our region, reflecting many generous hearts. View our 2021 Annual Report to see a listing of our 300+ charitable funds and read featured stories from donors and grantees across our region.

2021 Foundation Donors

We are grateful for all the donors who partnered with us last year, increasing opportunities for grant making to support area nonprofits and scholarships to support the futures of local students. View the PDFs below to see listings of the donors who gave to one of our 300+ funds in 2021.

2021 Foundation Grants & Scholarships

Through grant investments made possible by our generous donors, the Foundation is able to address community needs, programs, and projects that are making positive impacts across the Central Susquehanna region. View the PDFs below to see listings of the grants and scholarships awarded by our 300+ funds in 2021.