Financial Management

Investing with Wilmington Trust

As of September 2017, the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation investments are overseen by Wilmington Trust, as part of the M&T family of companies. They provide wealth and investment management services to individuals, families, business owners, corporations, foundations and endowments. They are the 5th largest provider of family office services with more than $78 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2016* and over 114 years of wealth management experience.

Wilmington Trust’s two main business segments are structured to meet specific client needs:

  1. Wealth Advisory provides wealth and investment strategies to millions of individuals and families looking to grow, preserve and transfer wealth.
  2. Corporate & Institutional provides transactions, foundation, endowment management and other support services to thousands of corporate and institutional business ventures.

Wilmington’s consistent, disciplined investment philosophy and service:

  • Recognizes the importance of liquidity
  • Actively trades in an effort to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities
  • Analyzes and projects issuer future cash flows

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View the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation's Investment Policy here.

Contact Information

M. Holly Morrison, D.Ed., President and CEO
Central Susquehanna Community Foundation
570.752.3930, #3
[email protected]

Albert J. Meale, CPA, CFO
Central Susquehanna Community Foundation
570.752.3930, #5
[email protected]