Central Susquehanna Community Foundation Scholarships Awarded
2017-18 School Year

The Central Susquehanna Community Foundation is pleased to announce scholarship awards for local students. These opportunities are available thanks to the many individuals, families and organizations who have established 89 scholarship funds with the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation. Applications for a variety of interests, accomplishments and career choices were accepted from students at their school district. These funds awarded over $228,400 in scholarships to more than 150 high school seniors and current undergraduate students.  Scholarship awards are provided through the Foundation’s affiliates: Berwick Health and Wellness Fund, Danville Area Community Foundation, Selinsgrove Area Community Foundation and Sunbury Area Community Foundation, as well as individual funds of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation.  The following students received scholarship awards:

Individual Funds of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation:

Robert Baillie Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kayley Dillon $1,000
The Beyond Cajun Thivierge Fund: Emily Dent $200
Buehner DHS Class of 2004 Fund: Rease Enright $400
Kyle Douthat Memorial Scholarship Fund: Theodore Tripp, III $400
William S. and Virginia L. Hartman Family Scholarship Fund: Gabrielle Hess $2,000
R. Scott Kohler Memorial Scholarship Fund: Todd Marshall Lane $3,700
The Mary Fund: Jerod Waller, Claire Timbrell, Mychaela Neal, Hunter Hartzel $500 each
Patrick J. Mattucci Memorial Scholarship Fund: Samantha Dyer $500
Robert H. Nash Memorial Scholarship Fund: Mackenzie Sult $1,000
Steven Mark Nastelli Scholarship Fund: Emily Dent, Kyle Pierce $200 each
Northumberland Schools Alumni Association Scholarship Fund: Sierra Gulden, Gwen Luden, Bryce Snyder, Brendon Strevig $475 each
Luis A. Ramos Fund: Dyllan Weaver $600
Robin Buehner Kindness Scholarship Fund: Vincent Krum, Mizar Diaz-Lemes $600 each
Don Ruggerio Athletic Scholarship Fund: Madison Traugh $250
Coach Michael C. Scala Scholarship Award: Gabriel Oliver $250
Orlando C. Scopelliti Scholarship Fund: Shayla DiPasquale $500
E. Louise Lawton Simington RN Nursing Scholarship Fund: Sydney Faust $1,700
Sharon "Cheri" Spohrer Memorial Scholarship Fund: Gabriel Oliver $250
Fred A. Takacs Scholarship Fund: Vance Wright, Austin Horsefield $550 each
Dwayne Tressler Athletic Memorial Scholarship Fund: Emily Dent $250
Walter and Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Fund: Kaylee Kachurka, Erika Thomas, Madison Traugh, Heather Young $900 each
Robert J. Wise Family Scholarship Fund: Isabella Donayre $1,000
Warrior Run School District Endowment Scholarship Fund: (Outstanding Scholar Award) Rylie Urbanski and Lanie Urbanski $2,100 each; (Leadership & Citizenship Award) Macoy Auman and Madeline Beyer $2,100 each; (Warrior Run Scholarship Fund Award) Gabrielle Heiss and Emily Webb $2,100 each
Jack Zeigler Memorial Scholarship Fund: Brett Bieber $2,100
H. William Koch Memorial Scholarship Fund: Valerie Cerrone $1,200
Bernice A. Bissell Scholarship Fund: (Passions in Pathways Award) Abby Bell, Andria Miville, Raymound Hauck, Kelsey Stahlnecker, Garrett Ruch, Rachel Ritner, Chloe Sees, Madison Welliver, Hunter Bohannon, Erica Keim $1,600 each; (Defender Pride Award) Keturah Corderman $1,600

Berwick Area School District Trust Funds:

Tom Carroll Memorial Matbackers Award: Stone Force $400
Russell H. Zimmerman Scholarship Fund given by Doris Keller and Robert Clark Hosler: Rachel Gaizick $500
Susquehanna Arts/Craft Award: Veronica Shreckengast $500
David L. Force Business Ed. Fund: Abigail Kemp $300
E. Saracino Football Fund: Stone Force $100
Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund: Madeline Hartzel, Kristin Talanca, Bradley Ford $333 each
Individual Achievement Award: Joseph Brewer, Madison O’Donnell, Gabriel Kisiel, Katelyn Chase $400 each
R.J. Norce Memorial Strive Scholarship: Alize Ruiz $200
Bart Rado Senior Memorial Award: Justin Groshek $200
Ruth Peck Matzko RN & Michael J. Matzko MD Scholarship: Madison Traugh $300
Marie Rudy Music Award: Dyllan Weaver $700
Berwick Area School District Trust Award: Dylan Michael $2,700
Frank Souchak Award: Michele Ambrosino, Mason Kimbell, Matthew Dalrymple, Jared Knorr, Jacee Carruthers, Felicia Canouse, Coralis Guzman, Gabriella Popko, Erik Mazonkey, Paris Lowery, Elise Neiderhiser, Rebecca Decker, Michael Force $246 each

Berwick Health & Wellness Fund:

Margaret Angell $1,000
Lindsey Carl $1,000
Samantha Dyer $500
Kaylee Kachurka $1,000
Roopesh Kumar $500
Marisa Missien $500
Julia Orzolek $1,500
Julee Slusser-Spade $1,500
Madison Traugh $1,500
Stephanie Yoder $1,000

Danville Area Community Foundation:

Amacher Family Fund in Memory of Mary Shick Frye: Alexis Bassett $1,700
Bloch-Selinger Educational Fund: Joanna Murphy and Sahil Patel $2,325 each (multi-year award) and $2,325 to six previous graduates.
Carl J. Marrara Memorial Scholarship Fund: Nicholas Lapchak $1,000
Cole Family Scholarship Fund: Matt Long $5,100
Cotner Family Scholarship Fund: Nicoleena Storer $2,000
Jack Curry Athletic Scholarship Fund: Mallet James $800
Danville Area School District Band Boosters Scholarship Fund: Amber Holmes $400; Monica Amarante $400
Danville Area SD Alumni Association Scholarship Fund: Ian Leiby $400; Shannen Bordner $400
Danville Education Association Scholarship Fund “DEA”: Ellen Connuck $500
Danville High School Class of 1939 Scholarship Fund: Calista Toczek $2,950; Evan Spickard $2,950
Danville High School Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund: Kimberly Breyfogle $600
Danville HS Class of ’43 Scholarship: Payton Diven $500
Danville Rotary Scholarship Fund: Genevieve Zola $400
Deutsch Family Memorial Scholarship Fund: Michael Kopelchuck $1,800
Donald J. Seebold Scholarship Fund: Madison Kovach $2,550; Jarrett Walters $2,550
Danville Unrestricted Fund (In Memory of Eleanor Burke) Scholarship: Maria Hilkert $1,000
Ronald J. Kanaskie Leadership Scholarship: Jarrett Walters $2,000
Gerald J. Levandoski Memorial Scholarship Fund: Noah Koltenuk $1,100
Jane Hood Memorial Scholarship Fund: Alec Beck $2,500; Brooke Kester $2,500
Ken and Pat Ackerman Family Scholarship Fund: Jarrett Walters $2,350; John Erlston $2,350
Mollie Harter Memorial Fund: Cassandra Smith $1,000
Eister Janssen Scholarship Fund: Matthew Boyer $1,000
Rechsteiner Family Scholarship Fund:  Vincent Krum and Abigail Raup $1,625 (multi-year award) and $1,625 to six previous graduates
Mackenzie E. Riley Memorial Scholarship Fund: Madison Vastine $500; Matthew Leiby $500; Hayley Ladd $1,000
Roscoe A. Faust and William C. Heller Family Trust: Alexis Bassett $2,750; Megan Heinle $2,750
The Simington Family Scholarship Fund: Linda Wen $700; Martina Allen $1,000; Hadley Wiktor $1,000; Erin Raup $1,000
Valeria Walton Woods Memorial Scholarship Fund: Nina Shoemaker $825; Mikayla Wright $825; Anna Buck $825; Megan Lynn $825
Walter A. “Whitey” and Nan C. McCloskey Memorial Scholarship Fund: Mallet James $700
Joanne McCall Spaide Simington and Paul Simington Scholarship: Hunter Everitt Kahley $1,550; Carly Boyer $1,550

Selinsgrove Area Community Foundation:

Celebrate the Life of the Patients of Cancer Care of Central Pennsylvania Fund: Lindsey Trusal $400
John A. Bolig Seals Alumni Scholarship Fund: Garritt Aucker $1,000
Kreamer Feed Scholarship Fund: Jacqueline Arbogast $800, Emily Klick $500, Katie Klick $500, Courtney Catlin $500, Laura Reich $500, Alexis Horst $500
Selinsgrove Rotary/Selinsgrove Area Community Foundation Scholarships: Tesa Hoffman, Christopher Hauck and Grace O’Malley $4,000 each, Erin Beaver $2,000
Simon B. and Kathryn J. Rhoads Family Scholarship Fund: Joseph Radel $500
Wayne and Nancy Van Kirk Scholarship Fund: Jade Hoffman $800

Sunbury Area Community Foundation:

Sunbury Area Health Fund:
Olivia Kratzer $2,000
Jade Hoffman $2,800
Serena Kantz $3,500
Lexis Colescott $2,000
Abigail Wolfe $1,000
Paige Hepner $2,000
Victoria Wolfe $2,400

Sunbury Area Nurses Scholarship Fund: Jade Hollenbach $1,000; Courtlyn Trautman $2,800; Allison Wolfe $2,400
Sunbury Area Health Fund - Allied Health Scholarships: Madison Trautman $2,800
Roger S. and Lois W. Haddon Nursing Scholarship Fund: Chase Hummel $2,000
Maria Evitts-Culp Scholarship Fund: Brook Brown $250


2018-19 Scholarships Available:

Scholarship application information for the 2018-19 school year will be available on this website on March 1, 2018.  For questions about scholarship processes please contact Christine Pangelinan, CSCF Program Officer at [email protected] or 570-752-3930 ext. 2.