Investment Strategy

cornerstone logThe Central Susquehanna Community Foundation investments are overseen by Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc. of Bethlehem, PA.  The Foundation’s Finance and Audit Committee holds quarterly face-to-face meetings with Cornerstone to stay up-to-date on the investment portfolio.

Central Susquehanna Community Foundation's Investment Policy

Founded in 1997, Cornerstone has been representing individuals, corporations and foundations- helping them make critical decisions regarding the management of their wealth and capital.  In 2015 Cornerstone was ranked as the 38th largest Registered Investment Advisor by Financial Advisor Magazine, ranked 27th on the list of Forbes’ Top 100 Wealth Managers and named one of Financial Times 300 top Registered Investment Advisors. Cornerstone currently manages over $5.2 billion of assets.

Cornerstone manages financial assets for clients who believe in its stewardship approach to doing business.  Cornerstone’s mission is to ensure that their clients are meeting the highest fiduciary standards; understand and responsibly manage risk; control overall costs; and drive performance and results.

Cornerstone seeks to achieve its mission by steadfast commitment to their seven Core Principles:

Cornerstone provides investment consulting and fiduciary services to people and organizations responsible for managing assets on behalf of others.  The overall investment objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted return relative to appropriate benchmarks.  CAAM’s clients include foundations and endowments, health care institutions, government entities, not-for-profits, retirement plans, corporations and others with assets in excess of $25 million.

Cornerstone's President, Skip Cowen, met with Foundation board members, donors and fundholders to present information about the Foundation's role in protecting fund assets, Cornerstone's prudent investment process, and the historical and current perspective on asset investments. We are pleased to share a copy of the presentation with you - Cornerstone's Briefing, March 30, 2016.

Contact Information:

Malcolm L. “Skip” Cowen
Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management
74 West Broad Street, Suite 340, Bethlehem, PA 18018
Phone: 610-694-0900

Email: [email protected]