Milton Panther Education Foundation

This fund, in partnership with the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation, is to provide an alternative funding opportunity which will support education and extracurricular activities provided by the Milton Area School District. Gifts received to this fund, no matter how large or small, will help support the mission of the Milton Panther Education Foundation.

The mission of the Milton Panther Education Foundation is to attain funding to strengthen and enhance student capacity for 21st century success which will continually support students in the Milton School District with the best possible technology as well as new and innovative arts, literacy and STEM programs.

To advance this mission, the Milton Panther Education Foundation is in the process of developing alliances with alumni, business organizations, foundations, and private citizens in order to support educational initiatives and programs beyond the basics for schools in the Milton Area School District.

Grants already allocated to the Milton School District have provide innovative and unique experiences by providing funding for:
A collaborative program with Bucknell’s Samek Art Museum to find unique ways to incorporate the arts in the Milton Area School District curriculum. Rocky Miller’s eighth grade civics class enhanced their study of the American Revolution by exploring pieces of art at the Samek Art Museum relating to the American Revolutionary War.