Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation

The Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation (BACF) is pleased to announce its new affiliation with the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation (CSCF). This partnership will allow the BACF Board of Directors to remain strong by focusing their efforts on raising funds and deciding charitable grants in the greater Bloomsburg area community while relying on the parent Foundation to handle the administration, investment and daily tasks.

“We are very excited to partner with Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation in our shared goal to invest in the greater Bloomsburg area. We will support them as they continue to grow and provide for meaningful projects through nonprofit agencies and assist in their mission to improve the quality of life for the people in their communities.”

Holly Morrison, CSCF President and CEO

The Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation was created in 1996 from the interest paid back on a loan borrowed by Magee Industrial Enterprises from a Federal Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG). The Town of Bloomsburg invested this interest to create the BACF. Dan Bauman and Florence Thompson advocated for the Foundation’s establishment to support a variety of local nonprofit organizations to help improve the quality of life in the greater Bloomsburg area. Paul Reichart, serving as President, and Ed Kitchen signed the original by-laws. Later, Attorney Cleve Hummel served as President for many years until 2017.

Over its 21-year existence, the BACF has awarded more than 200 grants totaling more than $200,000. The impact has been far and wide by supporting many organizations that offer programs and services to increase the quality of life for thousands of individuals in the greater Bloomsburg area. The BACF proudly makes grant investments to benefit youth, the disadvantaged, religion, cultural, historical learning and health to name a few. Past grant recipients include:

  • Columbia Child Development Center
  • Bloomsburg YMCA
  • American Red Cross
  • EOS
  • The Children's Museum
  • Camp Victory
  • Bloomsburg Little League
  • Women's Center
  • Waller Memorial Hall
  • Dental Health Clinic
  • Columbia County Volunteers in Medicine
  • Little Fishing Creek Area Swimming Pool
  • Food Cupboard, Wesley Soup Kitchen
  • Suncom
  • Salvation Army
  • Orangeville Little League
  • Your Loving Choices
  • Susquehanna Reading Partners
  • Benton Park
  • Coalition on Social Equity

Please check our web site for updates regarding Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation's 2019 competitive grantround.


Donors can work with the Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation to meet local charitable interests. You can support the general fund or create a fund in your own name and establish your own legacy. Please contact the CSCF Staff or a BACF Board member to discuss how you can partner with your local community foundation to make a difference in the greater Bloomsburg area.

For more information, please contact:

President and CEO
M. Holly Morrison, [email protected]

Director of Donor Relations and Communications
Kara G. Seesholtz, [email protected]